Making A Stand in American Politics

It is no secret that despite President Barack Obama’s many campaign promises, our great nation isn’t quite what it used to be. Trillions of dollars in debt. Stagnant and divided Congress. Great cities going bankrupt.

However, we need to remember that it is We the People who have allowed this to happen. Obamunism may not have been able to cure our country (in fact it probably did a bit of the opposite), but that doesn’t give us an excuse. It is time that We People take a stand in American politics.

How can we do this? Well there are a lot of ways. For one thing, we could become politicians ourselves. Not everyone is called to serve in political office, but for some people that is definitely the right path. If you like to take risks, have something worth saying, and can hold your own against stiff competition, it would definitely be worth your while to consider learning how to become a politician. Click on the image in the sidebar to see a great article on the subject.

If you are successful in this, you can potentially make a world of difference. And if you are very successful, you could even end up holding the top office in the land: President of the United States. (read a great article on how to become President of the United States) As President, you would be able to reverse many of the parts of Obamunism that we all so desperately want gone.

Become a Teacher and Influence Government

Another potentially fantastic way for you to make a huge difference in the world of American politics would to be become an American Government Teacher. As a government teacher, you would have a lot of influence over helping grow students politically. You could help shape their ideals and influence their opinions. Becoming a teacher is a great way to make a difference in our world that is a bit too filled with Obamunism. Read a great article on how to become a teacher.

If you do one of these two things (either become a politician or a government teacher), you will have a great opportunity in front of you to make a big splash in the world of politics and fight against Obamunism!

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